New Lineup and Live dates!!!

Left to right: New drummer Sigurd Jøhnk-Jensen, Martin J. Andersen, Jesper Bunk.

For new Live dates, see the “Live” section.

Furthermore, we can tell you that we are very busy right now, recording our 7th album, slated for release in autumn, 2016.


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New Album: “Live In Denmark”!!!!

We’re happy to announce the release of our sixth album, “Live In Denmark”.
The album is available for purchase now, from

Recorded live at Plantagehuset, Thisted, Denmark, on June 8, 2013, the album offers a unique aural snapshot of Blindstone, live in action!Blindstone-LiveInDenmark-Cover (1)


The heading says it all: Now, you can also book Blindstone to play shows consisting entirely of Jimi Hendrix material.
We all 3 love Jimi’s music, and his sound and songs are a fundamental influence on Blindstone. We’ve played Jimi-covers ever since we started out as Blindstone, and before that, in the other bands we’ve played in together, and we have always enjoyed doing it. Therefore, we have decided to take it to the next level, and to the stage!!! BLindstone plays Hendrix pic

Blindstone to tour Spain!

We are very proud to announce our tour of Spain, which will be taking place May 14th to May 24th. The tour, which consists of 10 shows, is set up by the Spanish BLACK MOON CREEP AGENCY.
See the poster for show details.
More details regarding the tour to be published shortly.TOUR

Welcome to !!!

Well alright!!! It finally happened (again)! After many years, Blindstone finally has an official website again. Some may remember the old site back in the early days. For a number of reasons that site was abandoned, but now we’re happy to present this new website, in co-operation with Eat-Music. We’re just getting started here, and we’ll be adding more media content, and hopefully more tourdates, in the near future, but we hope you’ll enjoy your stay.
Make sure to stop back often for updates, and if you don’t “like” us on Facebook already, please feel free to do so!
Until next time: KEEP THE ROCK ALIVE!!!
All the best,
Anders, Jesper & Martin.